Chiptray 100 Poker Chips Carta Mundi

Casino quality, 100 professional quality clay 14 grams - 3-tone poker chips 4 different values casino quality chips packed in a plastic box.

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Chiptray 100 Poker Chips Carta Mundi

Clay poker chips Carta Mundi in a plastic chiptray with cover: 100 professioanl poker chips (14 grams) , 4 different values casino quality chips: 25 red pokerchips with value 5, 25 green poker chips with value 10, 25 black poker chips with value 25 and 25 poker chips with value 50 packed in a plastic chip tray with cover.

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Brand Cartamundi
Number of chips 100 Cartamundi Chips
Classification case Standard
Material Chips ABS Chips
Weight chips 14 gram
Color chips Various Colors
Denominations Tournament points
Model cases 100 chips
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