Color Cash 1,000 Plus Poker Chips Set

Multifunctional complete poker set with more than 1000 colorful color chips that are suitable for both poker tournaments as for cash games.

A brilliant poker sets with more than a thousand aligned ceramic poker chips with a unique design in seven amazing colors. These ceramic poker sets are only produced in a limited order size, so be fast because this applies sold out = sold out!

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Color Cash 1,000 Plus Poker Chips Set

Specially designed and made for you, this multifunctional poker chip set for both poker cash games as poker tournaments. Made of 10 grams ceramic chips, exactly the same as poker chips where you play poker with in poker rooms, poker clubs and casinos all around the world. The 1,000 color chip will be delivered in two black poker cases 500 with four decks COPAG 100% plastic playing cards, four COPAG plastic cut cards, 1 Dealer puck, one Little Blind Button, 1 Big Blind button, 1 Missed blind button, 1 Kill button, 1 Reserved button, 10 dices, and 2 pairs of keys.

This complete poker chips set with seven denomination chips is perfectly suited for single poker tournaments and full ring cash games with blinds 2/5 and 5/10. The total monetary value of this Color poker Cash Plus 1,000 is 99,901. An awesome poker set with over a 1,000 Color Cash Chips to play poker at home or in the pub with family, friends and/or acquaintances.

This poker set comes with 1092 Color Cash poker chips:
-171 white chips with denomination 1
-275 red chips with denomination 5
-208 blue chips with denomination 10
-167 green chips with denomination 25
-171 black chips with denomination 100
-50 purple chips with denomination 500
-50 orange chips with denomination 1000

The design of this poker set is only sold in a limited quantity!
The ownership of the rights of the design remain the property of and are made available only once through the license that applies to the above offer, there can also not be legally binding. Commercial reproduction, distribution and / or transmission is strictly prohibited and violates intellectual property rights.

More Information
Number of chips 1092 poker chips
Classification case Standard
Material Chips Ceramic Chips
Weight chips 10 gram
Color chips Various Colors
Denominations Currency Euro | € | EUR
Model cases 1000 chips
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