Drinking roulette set

This roulette set is a super dangerous drinking game for those who like to gamble!

No more bets, and take that shot now!

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Drinking roulette set

And you thought beer pong was already very intense. Next time, try and play the spin and shot casino drinking game. We promise you a great night that you would most likely have trouble remembering the next morning. What a huge hangover, really a perfect housewarming gifts for students who just moved tot their dorm room!

What you will need for spin and shot roulette drinking game.
Drinks, as many bottles of liquor as justified, a minimum of two or more players and, off course this awesome casino gift; the spin and shot roulette drinking set.

How to play the spin and shot roulette drinking game?
There are 8 red and 8 black shot glasses with numbers on them. Every player has his own glass and each shot glass has 2 or 3 different roulette numbers on it. Then to start the game, you just spin the roulette wheel like a real croupier, and the roulette ball falls naturally into one of the numbers. If one of your numbers comes up, you need to drink your glass empty and refill the glass for the next spin. As with the lethal game of chance Russian roulette, this drinking game continues until only one-player remains.

Be aware!
There are no winners or losers in this game of roulette, this game is made primarily to use for fun and entertainment purposes only. Excessive alcohol consumption is not wise and can seriously damage your health, so be very careful with this potential alcohol game. Enjoy but drink in moderation. This home drinking game is intended for adults only; therefore we have a minimum purchase age of 21 years old for this product. We do not accept any responsibility for the result of the use or misuse of this drinking roulette set or any loss, injury or damage caused thereby.

This roulette game comes with the following items!
Out of the box, this casino drinking game comes with a spinning roulette wheel with a diameter of 31 centimeters, one roulette ball and sixteen numbered shot glasses.

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