I'M ALL IN by Lyle Berman

I'm All In, High Stakes, Big Business, and the Birth of the World Poker Tour Foreword by Donald Trump. Lyle Berman with Marvin Karlins
Savor Lyle´s wit and wisdom in this remarkable poker book, and learn how to win business, in poker, and life.

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I'M ALL IN by Lyle Berman

Lyle Berman and the inside story of the World Poker Tour, the driving force behind the poker phenomenon that has swept America and the world.
Lyle Berman, a one-of-a-kind combination of high-stakes poker maverick and entrepreneurial tycoon, recounts the amazing tale of how he revolutionized and revived the game of poker and transformed America´s culture in the process.
Fascinating, intriguing, and utterly educational, get the inside story of the man who will always be remembered as the individual who forever changed the course of poker history.
Berman tells the inside story of the World Poker Tour, and his life, a non-stop romp through the exciting and often perilous worlds of high-stakes gambling where a million dollars can be won or lost in a single game, and high stakes business where hundreds of millions of dollars can be made or lost on a single deal.
Along the way, Lyle reveals the thirteen secrets of being a successful businessman, the six ways poker players self-destruct, the seven essential principles of winning at poker, and eight steps to a more satisfying life. He also describes how he transformed a three-man company and a $3 million investment into a billion dollar company with 20,000 employees, how he helped native Americans build and run their own casinos, and the ironic but true story of how he bought and sold the same company, in different iterations, an amazing three times!

More Information
Author Lyle Berman
Written jointly with Marvin Karlins
Publisher Cardoza Publishing
Language Written in English
Genre Poker Story
Difficult Level For everyone
Total pages 232
Cover Hardcover
ISBN 1-58042-176-8
ISBN 13 9-781580-421768
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