Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold 'em

The most comprehensive book ever written on Hold 'em.

If your are going to play hold 'em for money, this is the one poker book you must own-now!!!

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Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold 'em

Learn Holdem from a master If you want to learn Texas hold 'em and play it for profit, Ken Warren is your guru. Jam-packed with 33 powerful chapters, a detailed glossary, and 28 lessons on every aspect of the game, this poker book contains absolutely everything you need to know to be a consistent winner at hold 'em poker.

Play Hold 'em like a pro Easy-to-read and thorough, this poker book shows you step-by-step how to be a winning player. Mixing practical advice and general concepts with specific examples of game situations, Warren teaches you to play winning poker from every position at every stage of a hand.

You'll get expert advice on raising, playing position, special flops, overcards, seat selection, over calling, reading hands, pot odds, tournament play, stealing blinds, short-handed games and so much more.

This book features:
- Rules and Basics of Play
- Starting Hands You Must Know
- 28 Powerful Lessons to Make You an Expert Player
- Advanced Plays, Expert Concepts, Professional Tips
- Essential Money-Making Concepts
- Advanced Tips on Bluffing, Reading the Board, Tells, and More!

Cardoza publishing, the world's foremost publisher of gaming and gambling books.

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Publisher Cardoza Publishing
Language Written in English
Genre Texas Holdem
Difficult Level For everyone
Cover Paperback
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