Macao Poker Chips 10

Play poker with these very clear Macao chips and it's almost like you sit yourself at the poker tables at one of the casinos at the Cotai Strip in Macao. These blue Macao poker chips with denomination 10 are made of clay composite and weigh 13.5 grams each.

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Macao Poker Chips 10

These Macao chips are made of a three color clay composite and are provided with a sticker with a very clear numerical denomination and the denomination written in the English language. Furthermore, the stickers in the recess of the Macao chips are finished with a sparkling gold foil. The Macao chips are equipped with a metal ring so the chips weigh exactly 13.5 grams per chip. Because the Macao chips weighing 13.5 grams each they are perfectly balanced so you can play a game of poker and it's like you playing poker yourself in one of the casinos at the Cotai Strip in Macao. These Macao poker chips are for sale at poker shop in 12 different denominations, so you can play several poker variants like poker cash games and tournaments with these Macao chips.

The following denominations chips are available in Macao poker chips series:
Macao Poker Chips 1 - Macao Poker Chips 2 - Macao Poker Chips 5 - Macao Poker Chips 10 - Macao Poker Chips 25 - Macao Poker Chips 50 - Macao Poker Chips 100 - Macao Poker Chips 500 - Macao Poker Chips 1,000 - Macao Poker Chips 5,000 - Macao Poker Chips 10,000 - Macao Poker Chips 25,000.

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Number of chips These Macao Chips are for sale per chip.
Material Chips Clay Composite Chips
Weight chips 13.5 gram
Color chips Blue Chips
Denominations 10 points
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