NTP Poker cards blue

NTP cards are known for their grainy texture and oversized playing cards that are wider than poker size playing cards.

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NTP Italian NTP playing cards are one of the finest manufactured 100% plastic playing cards. These high quality plastic poker playing cards are packages in a black plastic case.

NTP playing cards are made in Italy and have a stiff and rigid plastic feel, you can compare them with the stiff Italian Modiano playing cards and the look of a COPAG card. They have the thickness and feel of a Modiano but the plastic look of COPAG playing cards. Please note that these cards are approximately 2 mm wider than other poker-size playing card and accordingly may feel larger than other cards.

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More Information
Brand NTP
Number playing cards 55 cards
Number of Jokers 2 Jokers
Size playing cards NTP size (66 x 91 mm)
Index playing cards Standard Index 4 Pips
Available colors Red
Material playing cards 100% Plastic cards
Packing playing cards Plastic box
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