Poker Card Guard Good Luck

Good Luck Poker Card-Guard - Bonne Chance Card-Protector - Guddorakku Button - Lycka Tilli Coin - Buena Suerta Pokerbutton - Buona Fortuna Protector - Viel Glück Poker Guard, Protects the cards in your hand

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Poker Card Guard Good Luck

A poker card guard is usually a unique item that is placed on top of your hole cards to protect them from being collected by the poker dealer or another player. It is each individual player's responsibility to protect his hole cards at all times. If the poker dealer accidentally collects and mucks your cards, it is your own fault for not protecting your cards. You can use the card guard for different poker games like Texas Holdem, Omaha and Stud Poker. The card guard is packaged in a plastic cover to keep the coin in perfect condition as you use it while playing poker.
Measurment: Ø 45 mm

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