Star Wars poker chip set

Limited edition run of only 20.000 poker sets worldwide, on the market in 2007! Only a few Star Wars cases in stock and for sale at High-End collectors item for the Star Wars fanatic, there is no other poker set. May the Force be with you!

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Star Wars poker chip set

The Exclusive Star Wars poker chip set includes:
- 200 Star Wars translucent poker chips at 10.2 grams
- 50 Green Yoda poker chips
- 50 Red Darth Vader poker chips
- 50 Blue Luke Skywalker poker chips
- 50 Blue Obi-Wan Kenobi poker chips
- 1 Chromed metal Death Star dealer button
- 2 Casino quality Star Wars decks exclusive to this poker set
- Star Wars branded case 72 LED Lights powered by 4 AA batteries are included

These 10.2 gram translucent poker chips are illuminated within the case by 72 LED's shining through diffuser lenses, brilliantly illuminating the set when opened. The glow from the LED's give the pokerchips the look of a powered up lightsaber. The Starwars Pokerset is a great set to impress your friends with or a must have gift for a fan of Star wars and poker!

Cartamundi released in December 2007, this limited edition StarWars poker set on the market, the stock of this item is currently still very limited! Order now at this unique collectors item from Star Wars and avoid disappointment.

More Information
Brand Cartamundi
Number of chips 200 Exclusive Star Wars poker chips.
Classification case Standard
Material Chips ABS Chips
Weight chips 10 gram
Color chips Various Colors
Denominations Tournament points
Model cases 200 chips
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