Stoxtrader's High Stakes Holdem

In this entertaining 4 DVD series, Stox plays high stakes cash games in both limit and no limit holdem. He explains vital strategic ideas and winning concepts in both games, and also looks back over key hands - including a $60,000 pot with Daniel Negreanu!

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Nick "Stoxtrader" Grudzien is a world-class poker player who specializes in beating high stakes cash games at both limit and no limit holdem. Stox is a lead author of "Winning in Though Hold'Em Games", which has quickly become the gold standard strategy guide to high stakes limit hold'em play.

4 DVD set featuring:
-High stakes no limit play
-High stakes limit play
-Winning strategy and big pots in no limit holdem
-Winning strategy and big pots in limit holdem

Stoxtrader's commentary illuminates how the biggest winners really think and analyze. Includes expert advice on:
Deep stack no limit play - Heads-up and 6 max hand values - Exploiting opponent tendencies - Blind battles - bet and raise sizing - Bluff sizing - Big squeeze plays - Balancing frequencies - Overbetting the pot - Pot sweeteners - Inducing bluffs - Analyzing hand ranges - Dealing with scary boards - Trapping styles - Offering teaser odds - Positional advantages - Managing the pot - Turn value checks - Ace-high boards - Semi-bluffing - Isolating weak players

More Information
Manufacturer Label Expert Holdem
Actors Nick Stoxtrader Grudzien
Producer Chris White
Version DVD
Genre High Stakes Poker DVD
Language English spoken
Special features 4 DVD Set
Subtitles No subtitles
Playtime 161 minuten
Age 16
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