The Poker Tournament Formula

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The Poker Tournament Formula

You can start making money now in no-limit holdem tournaments with these radical and powerful strategies! Gambling legend Arnold Snyder's never-before-published concepts and secrets for beating tournaments can turn any "fish" into a dangerous shark at the tournament tables. For the first time, you're going to learn why cards don't matter as much as the dynamics of a tournament-your position, the size of your chip stack, who your opponents are, and above all, the tournament structure.
Poker tournaments offer you one of the richest opportunities to win money that's has come along in decades. This poker book lets you in on the inside information so you can tap into one of the most profitable gambling opportunities available today!
Every so often, a book comes along that changes the way players attack a game and provides them with a big advantage over opponents. You're holding that book in your hands right now.
Let Arnold Snyder show you:
How to win without good cards - How to adjust for different blind structures - How to anticipate "crunch time" - How to recognize danger and when to court it - How to "read" the opponents you'll find in fast tournaments - How to play position like a master of the game - When to make a rebuy - How to choose tournaments for maximum profits - How to get the final table again and again
Arnold Snyder is one of the world's foremost gambling authorities, and a long time gambling legend revered by millions of players who have made money from his advice.

More Information
Author Arnold Snyder
Publisher Cardoza Publishing
Language Written in English
Genre Poker Tournaments Strategies
Difficult Level For beginners
Total pages 368
Cover Paperback
ISBN 1-58042-203-9
ISBN 13 978-1-5804-2203-1
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