Bounty Tournament

Add a twist to your Poker Tournament with these Bounty Poker chips specially designed for your private poker tournaments. A bounty is a feature in some poker tournaments that rewards a player for eliminating another player.

You can use the Bounty pokerchips as follow!
Each tournament player receives an additional chip the "Bounty Poker Chip" to their starting poker stacks. For example, the buy-in of the tournament is €25 with a Knock-Out Bounty of €5. When you eliminate players from the tournament you collect their bounty chip, you can only win or lose one Bounty Chip per player, so you can only lose your own chip and not the ones you already won. No matter where you finish in the poker event, you will receive €5 for each bounty chip you have collected.
These bounty pokerchips will create a game within your poker game, players become much more aggressive and start the hunt on your poker chips stack but they are also very interested in your Knock-out Cash Bonus.

Poker Tip #23 You can also use it as a card guard while you are playing poker.

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