All In Button

The All-In button was introduced in Las Vegas at the World Series of Poker in 2006. Nowadays many casinos and poker rooms use the all in buttons. In Europe most card rooms uses all-in buttons at the poker tables.

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All In Button

How to use the All In button at your poker game
The all-in button is used when a player decides to go all-in. The dealer places the large round chip in front of a player after the player has indicated that he/she is all-In. This special button is used in both poker tournaments as in poker cash games. The major advantage of an All-In button is that no more discussion can occur at the poker table when a player goes all-in. The dealer places the button in front of a player and everyone at poker table immediately sees with an all-in button that a player is All-In while avoiding the need to push all the poker chips into the middle.

Benefits of using an all-in button at the poker table
Direct clarity at the table during all-in situations! And because there is no longer need to push large chip stacks directly to the center or over a betting line when you use an All-In button. Using an all-in button also ensures that the game runs more smoothly at the poker table.

Features of this all-in button:
- Material: Ceramic
- Design: Black design with spade symbol on either side of the button.
- Text: ALL IN on either side of the button.
- Edge: Text ALL IN.
- Dimensions: Ø 60 mm and 5 mm thick.

You can also customize your all-in buttons at!
For more information such as the quantities, design and prices of custom all-in buttons contact us, we'd love to hear from you! These all in buttons are big round chips that everyone can see on the poker table. Equip them now together with with a custom logo, a unique design and a trendy color!

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