Caro's Fundamental secrets of winning poker

Caro's fundamental secrets of winning poker, The World's Foremost Poker Authority Reveals the Secrets of Being a Winning Player Learn from the Best! This classic guide to winning at poker just got better! Let Mike Caro, the world's foremost authority on poker strategy, psychology and statistics, show you the real secrets of winning money in this new and expand edition. Mike Caro, The Legendary "Mad Genius of Poker"

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Caro's Fundamental secrets of winning poker

"Mike Caro has taught more players to win than anyone in history! His research and seminars have totally revolutionized poker." ...Doyle Brunson, Two-time world champion, world's best poker player
Poker's real winning secrets revealed!

Page after page of this poker book is packed with tips and strategies to reveal poker's most profitable winning secrets! These are the same long-guarded secrets Caro teaches to world-class players at standing-room-only seminars!
Featuring Rules and Basics of Play - How to Evaluate a Poker Game for Profit Essential Secret to Tells - Psychological Tactics Strategy Guide to Hold'em, Draw, Seven-stud High, Seven-stud High-Low Practical Applications of: Reading Opponents, Bluffing, Position, Ante Structure, Free Cards, Pot Odds, Tournament Strategies & More!
"Much more than a world-class poker player, Caro provides the most powerful, sought-after, and scientific winning advice ever put on paper." ...Card Player The leading magazine for poker players

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Author Mike Caro
Publisher Cardoza Publishing
Language Written in English
Genre Secrets of winning poker
Difficult Level For everyone
Total pages 158
Cover Paperback
ISBN 1-58042-080-X
ISBN 13 9-781580-420808
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