Ed Miller Getting Started in Hold'Em

Whether you want to play limit, no limit, or tournament hold'em, this poker book Getting Started in Hold'Em by Ed Miller provides you a solid foundation. It's perfect, not just for the would-be pro, but for anyone who wants a serious edge on the competition. Getting Started in Hold'em teaches you more than just how to play; it teaches you to win.
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Ed Miller Getting Started in Hold'Em

Recently, countless people have started playing poker, hoping to quit their jobs and strike it rich. Sadly, most of these 'professional players' will wind up broke. While many people play few win consistently. In Getting Started in Hold'em, noted poker authority Ed Miller guides you onto the winning path. As someone who made the leap from beginner to professional in less than a year and a half, Ed is uniquely qualified to show new players the quickest route to hold'em success.
This poker book presents the critical principles that expert players use: preflop hand valuation, domination, betting for value, protecting your hand, semi-bluffing, pot equity, pot odds, implied odds, free card plays, the importance of stack size, why chips change value in tournaments, and much more.

More Information
Author Ed Miller
Publisher Two Plus Two Publishing
Language Written in English
Genre Start Playing Poker Hold'Em
Difficult Level For beginners
Total pages 206
Cover Paperback
ISBN 1-880685-34-5
ISBN 13 9-781880-685341
EAN code 9781880685341
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