How to beat sit-&-go poker tournaments

How to beat sit-&-go poker tournaments, a no-limit holdem guide to beating sit-&-gos.

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THERE IS A LOT OF DEAD MONEY UP FOR GRABS in the lower limit sit-and-gos one table tournaments, where the first three players split the prize money (50% for first, 30% for second, 20% for third) and Neil Timothy shows you how to go and get it. The author, a professional player, shows you how to reach the last six places of lower-limit sit-and-gos four out of five times and then how to get in the money in about one-third of all tournaments using his powerful, proven strategies!

SIT-AND-GOS ARE THE MOST POPULAR FORM of online poker tournaments played today. It is estimated that more than half of all Internet poker players ( and many land-bases cardroom players as well) regularly play sit-and-gos. They're quick tournaments, averaging only one to two hours to play, and lucrative for players who know the inside strategies used by only a handful of pros. The strategies you'll learn here are effective for early and middle stages of one-table satellites and will also give you great insight for big tournaments when you get to the final table!

THIS BOOK CAN TURN A LOSING PLAYER INTO A WINNER and a winner into a bigger winner. You'll learn when to play conservatively and let opponents knock each other out, when to get aggressive and even hyperaggressive, plus the specific strategies for various stages of a sit-and-go early, short handed, the bubble, in the money and heads-up. Twenty-five powerful, but easy chapters, show you how to win.

After consistent, outstanding success at the tables, Neil Timothy dropped out of college to become a full-time sit-and-go professional player. His tried-and-true methods, for the first time, are revealed here.

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Author Neil Timothy
Publisher Cardoza Publishing
Language Written in English
Genre Sit & Go Strategy
Difficult Level For everyone
Total pages 184
Cover Paperback
ISBN 1-5804-2223-3
ISBN 13 978-1-5804-2223-9
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