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Jonathan Little on Live No-Limit Cash Games 1 the theory

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Jonathan Little on Live No-Limit Cash Games 1 the theory

What do you think about when you sit down to play live no-limit cash games? If it's only your hand and how you should play it, then you need to think again!

There is much, much more to being a good live cash player than simply playing your hand "correctly". You need to develop a host of other skills. Jonathan Little, a top-ranking professional poker player, will teach you these skills. Jonathan has justifiably gained a reputation as one of the best instructors the game has ever seen. He has an almost unique ability to explain difficult poker concepts in simple terms.

Jonathan thoroughly examines the difficult topic of how to modify your play on all post-flop streets bases on:
- The pre-flop action: limped, raised and re-re-raised pots have different dynamics
- Being in position or out position
- Whether you are the aggressor
- Whether you have a strong made hand, a drawing hand or a bluff

Jonathan analyzes the numerous different player types and explains how to adjust your game to play well against each of them.

In Live No-Limit Cash Games Jonathan also discusses key "non-poker" concepts including:
- Bankroll management
- Game selection
- Spotting and concealing tells
- Emotional control

"Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker series is the go-to authority on tournament poker": - Chad Holloway,

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Author Jonathan Little
Publisher D&B POKER
Language Written in English
Genre Live poker cash games
Difficult Level For everyone
Total pages 304
Cover Paperback
ISBN 978-1-909457-23-2
ISBN 13 9-7819099-457232-53495
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