The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide

The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide Tournament Edition edited by Michael Craig
Andy Bloch, Richard Brodie, Chris Ferguson, Ted Forrest, Rafe Furst, Phil Gordon, David Grey, Howard Lederer, Mike Matusow, Huckleberry Seed, Keith Sexton, Gavin Smith
In this definitive guide to tournament poker, twelve of the best poker players in the world now lay all their cards on the table

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The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide

With over $30 million in tournament wins and twenty-one World Series of Poker bracelets, these poker masters offer you their strategies, tactics, and secrets to help you claim your share of the millions in tournament poker riches. This astounding and innovative volume covers all the various forms of poker, including Texas Hold'em, Omaha, stud and razz. For both the beginner and veteran players, this comprehensive course features basic and advanced concepts from these champions:
Andy Bloch tells how to play before the flop.
Richard Brodie explains how to modify strategies to conquer online tournaments.
Chris Ferguson teaches how to play after the flop in no-limit hold'em.
Ted Forrest advises how to vary and disguise your style.
Rafe Furst speculates on how the game rock, paper, scissors offers insights into poker.
Phil Gordon teaches how to survive - and thrive - with a small stack.
David Grey presents a powerful strategy for seven-card stud.
Howard Lederer shares the theories that have made him a top player in limit hold'em
Mike Matusow shows how to read opponents in Omaha eight-or-better.
Huckleberry Seed discusses the unique nuances of razz.
Keith Sexton analyzes starting hands in seven-card stud.
Gavin Smith demonstrates how to bully the table with a big stack.

Learn from the pros how to improve your play, make it deep into the prize money pool - and beat them at the final table. The FULL TILT POKER strategy guide

Michael Craig is the author of four books, including The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King.

More Information
Author Michael Craig
Written jointly with Howard Lederer - Chris Ferguson - Mike Matusow - Phil Gordon - Huckleberry Seed
Publisher Full Tilt Poker
Language Written in English
Genre Full Tilt Poker Online Tournaments
Difficult Level For beginners
Total pages 438
Cover Paperback
ISBN 0-446-69860-1
ISBN 13 978-0-446-69860-3
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