The Math of Hold'em

Poker is a fun game, but it's even more fun when you win. Whether you play cash games or tournaments, high-stakes or low-stakes, online or live poker, The Math of Hold'em will give you the significant edge you need over your opponents.

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Winning big at hold'em requires practical math knowledge, which is precisely what this book will teach you. The ability to make quick and accurate mathematical decisions is crucial for your winnings at the table. The mission of this book is to drill these important poker math skills into you, giving you a distinct advantage over the other players at your table.
Both of the authors of this book graduated with degrees in Mathematics from Caltech. Collin Moshman is the best-selling author of Sit'n Go Strategy and Heads-up No-Limit Hold'em. Douglas Zare is a mathematician and poker coach famous for his in-depth analyses.
The authors use their extensive math, poker and coaching backgrounds to present the most important hold'em math concepts designed to immediately increase your winrate at the tables.

You will learn to:
-Understand the fundamental probabilities and statistics underlying Hold'em
-Count hand combinations while playing
-Master expected value calculations
-Play optimally with game theory
-Seize full advantage of the latest software
-Calculate your bankroll requirements
-Utilize deductive logic to put your opponent on a specific hand range
-And more...

More Information
Author Collin Moshman
Written jointly with Douglas Zare
Publisher Dimat Enterprises
Language Written in English
Genre Poker Math
Difficult Level For advanced users
Total pages 408
Cover Paperback
ISBN 987-0-9846194-2-9
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