BobboFitos Winning Strategy in No-Limit Holdem

ROBERT BOBBOFITOS ECKSTUT is a highly successful cash game no-limit player, both online and live.

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Robert was one of the first poker coaches, turning lessons with his students into a highly touted e-book, 'Bobbo's Bible'. He is also one of the founding coaches, as well as co-owner of the video poker training site leggopoker.

3 DVD series featuring:
Disc 1 - Key Winning Concepts
The building blocks of great poker. Master these ideas and you will be on your way to planning and playing hands the way that experts do.
Equity and reverse equity: the yin and yang of poker - the power of aggression -Optimal play versus perfect play - Attacking stacks versus attacking blinds -Adjustability and the Optimal Cycle - Exploiting Weakness
Disc 2 - Pre-flop And The Golden Ratio
Advanced coverage of how to play pre-flop in today's aggressive games. Use the brand new and revolutionary 'Golden ratio' to know when, and when not to three-bet!
Raised pots in position - Hand Values & Bobbo's Hand Tiers - Unopened pots - Three Betting & Bobbo's Golden Ratio - The golden ratio in action
Disc 3 - Post-flop Planning And Bet-Sizing
Bet-sizing can be a mystery to most players. This show analyzes all the factors you need to consider in order to size your flop bets correctly, and even when it's best to check with the initiative
Board textures and types - adjusting bet sizing to different opponent types - Balancing the flop - description - shutting out the Movemakers - Post-flop planning in action

More Information
Manufacturer Label Expert Holdem
Actors Robert Bobbofitos Eckstut
Producer Chris White
Version DVD
Genre Poker trainingsvideo No-Limit Holdem
Language English spoken
Special features 3 DVD Set
Subtitles No subtitles
Playtime 137 minuten
Age AL
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