Colour poker set 500

The colour poker set with 500 chips can now be organized yourself to your liking's.

Enter below the desired composition of your colour poker set, poker shop supplies this colourful poker set customized without additional costs.

You can choose from the following colour chips: gray chips 1, orange chips 2, red chips 5, blue chips 10, green chips 25, blue chips 50, black chips 100, purple chips 500, yellow chips 1000, and pink chips 5000.

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Colour poker set 500

These colour poker chips in this 500 chip set weigh 11.5 grams, are made of ABS plastic and have a sticker on it with value. The colour poker chips are available in 10 different colours and values. This allows you to use this colour poker set for various poker variants, both cash games and poker tournaments. This colour poker set 500 includes a lockable aluminum poker case for 500 poker chips and 500 colour chips of your choice. Poker playing cards, dice, cut cards and a dealer button are not included with the above offer and are sold separately at poker shop.

More Information
Number of chips 500 colour poker chips
Classification case Self assembled
Material Chips ABS Chips
Weight chips 11.5 gram
Color chips Various Colors
Denominations Tournament points
Model cases 500 chips
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