Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold'em 2

Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold'em 2 Everything you wanted to know about Texas hold'em but were afraid to ask! A no-nonsense, easy-to-read manual for winning real money at hold'em a new poker book by Ken Warren.

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Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold'em 2

Learn Hold'em from a Master Ken Warren is one of the biggest selling hold'em authors of all time. His straight-to-the-point strategies and sage advice have turned countless ex-losers into happy winners. He has written five other books on poker, including Winner's Guido to Texas Hold'em Poker and The Big Book of Poker.
Learn How to Win Money in Today's Games! This poker book if for players who didn't make the final table of the World Series of Poker and the people who don't play in the big games where hundreds of thousands of dollars change hands daily. The concepts and strategies Ken teaches here can help you if you're a limit hold'em players who plays in $2/$4 up to $10/$20 games. Fifteen easy-to-read and powerful chapters give you a fresh perspective on the game. Ken shows you how to avoid making common mistakes on every betting round (preflop, flop, turn and river), and how to eliminate errors before and after the game. In addition to detailing the top 10 most costly mistakes, Ken gives you solid advice on hand selection and wining strategies for low-limit cash games.
Change You Luck By Improving Your Skill Are you tired of having your blinds stolen? Are you sick of being the only player who doesn't win his share of hands? Are you rarely able to build a big stack? In other words, do you usually end up losing money or busting out of games in just an hour of two? It's probably because you're making some simple, basic mistakes that you can easily correct. Ken Warren takes aim at your hold'em game and gets right to work fixing it. The end result? You'll learn how to win real money!

More Information
Author Ken Warren
Publisher Cardoza Publishing
Language Written in English
Genre Texas Hold'em Poker
Difficult Level For beginners
Total pages 304
Cover Paperback
ISBN 1-5804-2254-3
ISBN 13 978-1-5804-2254-3
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