Poker Tournament Timer

This poker tournament timer is a great handy accessories for poker players who play on a regularly basis live home games with friends and family. The use of this poker tournament clock in your weekly home game is very simple!

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Poker Tournament Timer

Easy to use poker tournament timer for a variety of poker games such as: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, H.O.R.S.E. and Stud Poker. This official poker tournament timer will remind you and your poker friends when it's time to raise the blinds. Because this digital poker timer has a large and clear display, all players at the poker table can see how long the blind level still last.

Features poker tournament timer:
- This poker clock is easy-to-use.
- You can set the timer in increments of 1 minute and up to 99 minutes sessions.
- Set it and forget! You do not have to think anymore when to raise the blinds.
- This poker timer has large numbers so all players at the table can easily view.
- The measurements of these poker tournament timers are approximately 7 cm x 7 cm x 1.5 cm.
- This poker timer operates on 1 AAA 1.5 V Battery, which is not included at this poker product.

Read below in our comprehensive manual, how to use this handy poker timer.

Manual digital poker tournament timer:

1. Put one AAA 1.5 V battery in the Official Poker Tournament Timer, the poker clock will display 0"M' and 0"S", (00.00), then you can set your blind time.

2. The first time "M" button is pressed, 1 minute is displayed on the clock and each additional time is pressed, 1 minute is added to the timer and displayed, it is until 99 minutes.

3. The first time "S" button is pressed, 1 second is displayed on the clock and each additional time is pressed, 1 second is added to the timer and displayed, it is till 59 seconds.

4. "START/STOP" button is to start the timer count down and stop the timer count down, when the 1st time this button is pressed, the timer starts counting down. When you press this button on 2nd time, the timer stops counting down. When you press this button the 3rd time, the timer starts counting down again. ...and so on. When the timer reaches zero, an alarm would sound with flashing light. The sound last 30 seconds then the alarm stops or the alarm will not go off until you press either one of the 3 buttons. When the alarm stop the time is the same as you set it the last time. If you press the START/STOP button again, the timer will count down again at the whatever the previous SET time was.

5. "RESET" button, pushing the "M" and "S" buttons at the same time would reset the timer to zero. Then you can set a new count down time.

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